The Songs of Nick Drake Tour Spring 2008

"An absolute must"
- Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

The recognition and popularity of Nick Drake has now reached such proportions that he will always be seen as a landmark, a beauty, a thread of creativity that will forever span the rapids of modern music.

Nick recorded only three albums in his short career and has since been seen as somewhat of a mystery. At the time he was largely unnoticed, considered to be too fragile and painful to engage the wilder audiences of the early 70s. Now, more than 30 years on, Nick Drake has become the most revered of all English singer/songwriters.

Together with poems by William Blake, set to Nick Drake’s guitar arrangements

Singer-guitarist Keith James began astounding audiences in 2001 with his stunningly beautiful series of concerts entitled 'The Songs of Nick Drake'. In the last decade Keith has toured the UK and Europe performing over 1,000 concerts dedicated to Drake's music and combining it with the poems of William Blake.

Nick Drake is one of the most revered and loved singer-songwriters. His music is both timeless and priceless. After Drake's tragic death in 1974 (aged 26) his music almost disappeared into obscurity. Now, thanks to a massive resurgence of interest and a worldwide re-evaluation of his genius Nick Drake has become a national treasure.

"His songs shed all the tears of life within their fragile yet perfect lines." Keith James

During Drake's time at Cambridge, he became enchanted with Blake's poetry and his influence runs like a warm stream throughout Nick’s music. As a way of continuing his devotion and evaluation, Keith has set a small but powerful collection of Blake’s poems to Nick’s guitar arrangements, featuring his tunings, fluent technique and instinctual sense of melancholy.

Audience Feedback

Dear Keith,

I was at your gig last night at the Greenwich Picturehouse and I have to tell you that it was a wonderful evening, in fact one of the top three dates that I have had with my wife (we have only been married for a year mind you!). It was just such a lovely experience and very local which was great because we were home in 20 mins.

Thank you both so much for the wonderful music it was a great evening. I will look out for further dates and will open the experience to colleagues and friends.



p.s. You should definitely think about a trip to New York, I lived there for a year and it was my wife (an American) who introduced me to Nick Drake - he is super cool!

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